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The Rev'Lution clock measures time exactly as standard time does but just reads it differently. The "Counter Classic", "Contempo", and "Retro" are all designed in the same manner but with different font styles. To read them the hour hand corresponds to the numeral it is in relation to, ie: "1" is 1 o-clock, "2" is 2 o-clock and so on. The minute hand corresponds to the numeral it is in relation to, multiplied by 5 (as we all learned when we were in grade school, right?) ie; "1" is 5 minutes past the hour, "2" is 10 minutes past the hour and so on.
The position of the hour and minute hand no longer tell the time in relation to the traditional  position of the numbers on the clock itself, with the numeral 12 in the north or top position, but in relation to the numerals themselves no matter what position they are on the clock as long as they are in sequential order, (why are we able to tell what time it is on clocks without any numerals? because it has been engrained in societys memory for hundreds of years.) The Rev'Lution clock can tell time only by the numerals no matter  what rotation they are on the clock just as long as they are in sequential order, which is why the Rev'Lution clock will always show the numbers and in order.
Not to worry each Rev'Lution shipped will have it's own instruction sheet and in little or no time one will be able to read this new Rev`Lution.

Note: If you can't see the whole diagram use either the horizontal and vertical scroll bars to move it around and
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