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Hi, my name is Hughe Bronze, I created Rev'Lution because I wanted to make time more fun and interesting, So I had this "out of the box" Idea about changing time, well no-one can actually change time, theoretically speaking anyway (I think), but how about aesthetically? There are literally thousands of designs of clocks and watches in the world today where the casing, Hour and Minute hands, and numeral fonts are all designed with a multitude of materials, colors, fonts, and shapes.

I have seen clocks that go backwards, I have seen clocks with all the same numbers like "5" "6" or "12" for a laugh. Even clocks with pictures of whatever instead of the numbers, but the time is still read the same boring way by the position of the hands in relation to the clock case itself not so much the clock numerals. And there is even clocks without the numerals, to re-enforce my point as stated in the previous sentence.

I realized what no-one else has previously done and changed the position of the numerals to still be in chronological order but just rotated in the other 11 different positions around the dial and rotated each of the numeral themselves to be up-right 90 degrees from the horizontal position. So I created all "11" different patterns and realized theres not just 11 different positions but 154 when the secondary minute numerals are added. I have a copyright on all 154 positions but I am only introducing 27 of them in two collection sets for commerce, the other 127 will be released at a later date.

So if you are looking for a unique, challenging, attractive and fun gift then look no more because this Rev'Lution is offered nowhere else but here.

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So hopefully to some I have made time a lot more fun, and others more interesting, and a few more challenging, but for all it will be a new time.

Contact:If you have any question about the Rev`Lution clock please send me an email to the link below and I will be happy to reply, thank you!

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